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Core Canon and Player Guide
About the Everwind RPG
The World of Galwyndor was being destroyed by magic. In a last-ditch effort to save the planet, the Eari, a small order of spellcasters, sacrificed themselves to create the Eari Stones, stones that could trap magic. With these stones, the Alliance Army set out to hunt and destroy all magic in a campaign that came to be known as The Great Purge. One spellcaster, the Glyphmaster known as Atury, opened up a Keldra Gateway to escape his pursuers, a spell which was beyond his ability. The mistake sent him and some of the Alliance Army to the world of Errod, a place where magic flowed through everything. Atury spent the next 40 years learning the ways of Errodian magic while still being hunted by the more dedicated who crossed over.

Atury finally learned enough to recreate the Gateway and return to Galwyndor. You are one of the ones that crossed back over, except it has been 8000 years since his first departure. Galwyndor is now a withered remnant of what it once was, a wasteland, a world dying. Citizens have just recovered from the worst plague in history - the Curella Virus; what's worse is that the vaccine that saved them from total devastation left most of the population sterile. A renegade Emperor, Vralius, has started a ruthless campaign to conquer the known world, and a new drug, Adoxipham, has surfaced which is spread by force because it is laced with magic and cannot be kicked.

Can you survive this new hellscape before Atury or Vralius destroy the planet once and for all?

About the Wiki

The Everwind RPG Wiki is a wiki dedicated to creating a pen and paper role-playing game based on the Everwind series setting. The game is an open-source RPG, which means anyone can contribute. If you would like to be on the development team, just contact an administrator. Additions by the dev team are considered official canon to the Everwind series! Even if you're not a developer you can still edit and contribute. Create your own items, spells, weapons, and more! So what are you doing staring at the main page? Go ahead and start writing.

  • Core Rules will be available in a downloadable format as soon as an official release is made.

For general information about the Everwind series, see Everwind Times or The Verges Wiki.

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